Layered Earth Physical Geography - Student Edition

The Layered Earth Physical Geography provides a student-focused, rich multi-media environment that includes lessons, interactive computer simulations, innovative exercises, numerous extensions and connections, and assessment activities. Engaging visualizations and rich pedagogy appeal to a wide variety of students and teaching styles.  

    What Makes Layered Earth Physical Geography Great!

    • 50+ lessons correlated to your textbook and curriculum
    • Clear articulation of learner expectations for each lesson through the use of an introductory Guiding Question, bulleted Key Concepts, and a Lesson Summary highlighting the main points of review
    • An attractive learning environment with clear and easy to follow progression of concepts
    • Accurate and innovative visualizations and simulations that engage students and illustrate and enhance basic concepts
    • In-depth discovery exercises that foster observation, measurement, mathematical and analytical thinking skills
    • Pre- and post-assessment activities to test student knowledge and learning and reinforce basic concepts
    • Incorporates learner strategies from current educational research such as anticipation guides, multiple intelligences and graphic organizers
    • Numerous links and extensions for a rich learning environment that provide connections to mathematics, literacy, history, travel, and STSE (Science, Technology, Society and the Environment)
    • Teachable Moments feature keeps content fresh and relevant by providing educators with auto updates of new lessons, exercises, simulations, and phenomena!
      Topics Covered
      • Maps, Remote Sensing and GIS
      • Earth's Energy Balance
      • The Atmosphere, Weather and Climate Systems
      • Tectonic Processes and Landforms
      • Volcanism and Landforms
      • Weathering and Mass Movements
      • Groundwater Landscapes
      • Fluvial, Eolian, Glacial and Coastal Processes
      • Biomes, Plant Geography and Soils

      Layered Earth Physical Geography operates for one year.

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