• Starry Night College Version 7 (Professor Edition)
  • Starry Night College Version 7 (Professor Edition)
  • Starry Night College Version 7 (Professor Edition)
  • Starry Night College Version 7 (Professor Edition)
  • Starry Night College Version 7 (Professor Edition)
  • Starry Night College Version 7 (Professor Edition)
  • Starry Night College Version 7 (Professor Edition)
  • Starry Night College Version 7 (Professor Edition)
  • Starry Night College Version 7 (Professor Edition)

Starry Night College Version 7 (Professor Edition)

Starry Night gives you powerful, accurate, customizable tools to inspire and engage your students. Starry Night College includes more than 45 computer exercises, complete with dazzling interactive simulations, all fully mapped to top college astronomy textbooks.

The software is readily accessible to an unlimited number of students via the deeply discounted student download version.  All the students need are the last 4 of digits of the professor's registration key and this link:  Student Download

Starry Night College is built on our powerful Starry Night Pro astronomy simulation software. It contains all of the incredible features of Pro, plus a correlated higher education module including 45 embedded exercises joined to hundreds of customized simulations.  Starry Night College helps you teach a more satisfying course by making it easy for your students to visually grasp the concepts of astronomy.

Starry Night education titles are now optimized for SMART Boards and have been awarded SMART Technologies' highest level of accreditation: SMART Board Application Elite.

Version 7 Updates:

  • No QuickTime Needed - HTML5 replaces unsupported QuickTime for Windows.
  • All exercises underwent a comprehensive review and update.
  • Exercises have been enhanced with Guiding Questions, Key Concepts, Did You Know's and dozens of new images to help illustrate phenomena.
  • Expanded asteroid catalog with highlighted/highlightable families and groups.
  • Updated Equipment List includes the latest telescopes, eyepieces, and accessories.
  • Analemma can now be drawn on a planets surface.
  • Exclusive Extragalactic 3D Database includes over 100,000 galaxies encompassing over 1 billion lights years of space.
  • New Photorealistic Horizon Panoramas make you feel like you are there .
  • All known exoplanets as 3D bodies with proper location, size, orbit and planetary texture 
  • Stunning new user interface with Universal Search, locates sky objects, favorite files, SkyGuide pages, options, events and more.
  • New highly detailed surface textures of planets and major moons.
  • All stars accurately rendered as 3-dimensional bodies with classification-appropriate color, texture and relative radii.
  • Expanded set of “Space Missions” including 30 new detailed and accurate 3D models of spacecraft and their trajectories. Updates to new/ongoing missions.
  • The most precise planetary positions available (using Jet Propulsion Laboratory, JPL-DE-422 ephemerides) .
  • 3500 unique object text descriptions for stars, planets, moons, satellites, exoplanets, space missions, deep sky objects and more.
  • Restyled SkyGuide with updated tours and media.
  • Home Location set by IP Address automatically* 
  • Advanced Planet Rendering for terrain shadows, specular reflections on water, and city night lights on dark side (Earth only).
  • Updated Messier catalog with new visually stunning images for star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies.
Topics covered:

  • Celestial sphere
  • Coordinate systems
  • Lunar and solar eclipses
  • Analemma
  • Precession and nutation
  • Dwarf planets
  • Retrograde motion
  • Asteroids and comets
  • Constellations
  • Stellar parallax
  • Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
  • Redshift and the expansion of the universe
  • And much more! 
What's Included:

  • Award-winning and customized Starry Night Pro Planetarium Software
  • Access to unlimited and deeply discounted student download version
  • Professor’s Guide
  • Astronomy Companion Guide (Built-in PDF)
  • 45+ integrated computer exercises
  • Library of simulations
  • Create movies of your customized simulations and export images
  • Student Worksheets and Answer Keys
  • Exercises mapped to college astronomy textbooks
  • Links, references and suggestions for online access to additional content and resources 
Student Worksheets

If you are interested in a multi-user license or have any questions at all, please call us at 877-290-8256 or email us at education@simulationcurriculum.com!


Windows 7 or higher or Macintosh OS X 10.7 or higher. 1GHz or higher processor, 1 GB RAM and 4 GB of hard disk space. 128 MB OpenGL 1.4 capable graphics card.

Note:  QuickTime is NOT needed.  Starry Night 7 uses HTML5 to replace the vulnerable QuickTime on Windows software.

Note: In rare instances, upgrades to Windows 10 on computers with previous Windows operating systems may result in an incompatible graphics card. For more information, read here.

$399.95 USD