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Starry Night 8 & SkySafari 6


Starry Night Version 8 has been retooled to meet the needs of modern astronomers and to create the most seamless observing experience for any astronomical event!

  • Incredible rendering & precise positioning of over 36,000 targets
  • Carefully crafted by compiling the absolute best object data available
  • Advanced database replaces a majority of previous Starry Night catalog
  • Enjoy an updated telescope control experience in Pro & Pro Plus
  • Create multiple Observing Sites using maps & location services
  • Audio Tours provide engaging, in-depth narration for many objects
  • An elegant new dark theme is easier on the observer's eyes
  • Sync, share and export your data to other services with ease
  • Sync to any LiveSky-enabled astro app including SkySafari 6

"The simulations shown in Starry Night allowed both Mars rovers to acquire time-lapse images of the moons of Mars, including daytime "solar eclipse" transits of both Phobos and Deimos across the Sun as well as nighttime "lunar eclipse" passes of Phobos entering and emerging from the shadow of Mars.  I remember it well and remain a big fan of Starry Night to this day."

-Dr. Jim Bell
NASA Scientist & Professor


    Download Files Below & Simulate Mars Rover Missions Yourself in SN 8!

    Launch & Path • Spacecraft • Landing Location • View on Mars • Transit


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