SkySafari for Android

SkySafari is the most comprehensive astronomy app available for Android - period. It's a powerful planetarium that fits in your pocket. It puts thousands of stars and planets at your fingertips. It lets you find objects in the sky using your Android's built-in compass and accelerometer. It includes hundreds of astronomical images, and contains encyclopedic descriptions of the constellations, stars and planets.

With SkySafari Plus and Pro, you can now leave Earth behind, and fly into orbit around other objects in the solar system. Spaceflight has never been so easy! And SkySafari Plus or Pro can turn your Android device into a 21st-century telescope controller. Using your Android's built-in Wi-Fi or bluetooth capability, and our SkyFi wireless adapter, or a bluetooth serial adapter, our apps can drive your computer-controlled GoTo telescope anywhere in the sky.

SkySafari for Android comes in three versions - Basic, Plus, and Pro. All three versions require Android version 2.2 or later on a 1 GHz or faster Android tablet or phone. And all three are exclusively available on Google Play.

As reviewed in Sky & Telescope magazine, SkySafari for iOS is "revolutionary" and a "game-changer" that can completely replace your desktop astronomy software. Now SkySafari is here for Android - and it will change the way you do astronomy!

SkySafari uses standard Google Play licensing. You can install it on as many Android Devices as you have linked to your Google Play account. SkySafari requires a Google Play account, and will not run on devices (like the Kindle Fire) which do not have Google Play access.

SkySafari 4 - $2.99, 48 MB. 46K stars, no telescope control.

The basic version of SkySafari shows you 46,000 stars, plus 220 of the best-known star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies in the sky. It displays the Solar System's major planets and moons using NASA spacecraft imagery, and includes the best-known 150 (or so) asteroids, comets, and satellites. It lets you find objects in the sky using your Android's built-in compass and accelerometer, and identify stars and planets by holding your phone up to them.

SkySafari 4 Plus - $14.99, 197 MB, 2.5M stars, telescope control.

SkySafari 3 Plus adds a hugely expanded database, wireless telescope control - and the ability to leave Earth and orbit other objects in our solar system - to our basic version. It shows you 2.5 million stars, and 31,000 deep sky objects - including the entire NGC/IC catalog. It includes over 4,000 asteroids, comets, and satellites with updateable orbits. And it can point your GoTo or "Push-To" telescope anywhere in the sky, using your Android's built-in Wi-Fi or bluetooth, and our SkyFi or a bluetooth serial adapter.

SkySafari 4 Pro - $39.99, 581 MB, 15M stars, telescope control.

The all-new SkySafari Pro has the largest database of any mobile astronomy app, period. It contains everything in SkySafari Plus - but also includes over 15.3 million stars from the Hubble Guide Star catalog, plus 740,000 galaxies down to 18th magnitude, and over 580,000 solar system objects, including every comet and asteroid ever discovered. It includes a new Moon map based on 2009 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter data, with 8x the resolution of any other SkySafari version. Yet it runs just as fast and smoothly as our $3 basic version.