Cosmos Collection

One Incredible In-App Purchase Expands Your Universe!
  • Become captain of trips to other planets and deep sky objects
  • Activate amazing 3D views of object positions in the Milky Way
  • Let SkySafari be your tour guide with hours of audio content
  • Master the names of objects with accurate audio pronunciations
**Simply access the Settings Menu in SkySafari and scroll down to In-App Purchases to begin expanding and start your exploring!**

Galaxy View

  • Galaxy View lets you visualize the 3D positions of stars and deep sky objects in our Galaxy the Milky Way.

Audio Pronunciations

  • Enjoy the correct pronunciations for 500 stars, constellations, deep sky objects, and planets.

Orbit Mode

  • Orbit Mode turns you into a starship captain!  Activate & the app lifts off Earth and travels to other objects!

    Audio Tours

    • In-depth audio tours for 400 celestial objects – a total of 4 hours of compelling & immersive content.