Mercury Transit 2019

Celebrate the Transit of Mercury with SN8 & SS6!

Simulate The Mercury Solar Transit in Starry Night & SkySafari!
***Prepared Simulations Available for Download Below!***

First contact will occur at 12:35:27 GMT, and last contact will occur at 18:04:14 GMT. To find out whether the transit will be visible where you live and to preview what it will look like, use an astronomy app such as SkySafari 6 or Starry Night 8.

Open the app and then search for and center Mercury – don’t worry if it’s below the horizon at first. Next, set the app’s date to November 11, 2019 and the app’s time to mid-transit - about 15:20 GMT. That time converts to 10:20 a.m Eastern Standard Time and 7:20 a.m. PST.

 Simulate w/SkySafari 6 Pro!  |   Simulate w/ Starry Night 8!

For locations in North America, SkySafari & Starry Night will show the sun low in the southeastern sky at mid-transit. By running time forward, or by stepping hour by hour, you can watch the sun move across the sky at your location. If the sun doesn’t rise at all during the time range we've given above, the transit isn’t visible for you. If it rises or sets during the time window, at least you can obverse the first or second pairs of contacts.

Next, return your app to mid-transit and zoom in on the display until the sun shows as a good sized disk, and look for Mercury as a tiny black dot on its face. You can run the time forwards and backwards to follow Mercury’s progress over time.

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