• Starry Night 5 Classroom DVD Set
  • Starry Night 5 Classroom DVD Set
  • Starry Night 5 Classroom DVD Set
  • Starry Night 5 Classroom DVD Set
  • Starry Night 5 Classroom DVD Set

Starry Night 5 Classroom DVD Set

Inspire and excite your students with these award-winning space science resources. Chaptered for quick reference, the Starry Night DVDs come complete with a teaching guide full of discussion questions, cross curricular activities and correlations to national science standards.

Over 10 Hours of Curriculum Supported Media!

All DVDs include Teaching Guide with:

* Teaching Strategies
* Discussion Questions
* Curriculum correlations
* Cross-Curriculum Activity Ideas
* Cross-Curriculum Writing Suggestions
* Careers in Science

Beginning with knowledge gained from centuries of sky watching, this DVD presents our current understanding of the objects and processes that make up the universe. See scientifically accurate visualizations of objects and processes that will increase your understanding of astronomical phenomena. Atlas of the Sky presents planets, moons, comets, asteroids, stars and galaxies in rich scientific detail. Total Run Time: 161 minutes.

Learn just how dynamic and changeable our daytime star really is. You will see the vibrant surface and atmosphere of the Sun through the multi-wavelength eyes of satellites and high-tech detectors. Hear what the experts have to say about the Sun and how it influences Earth and today’s modern society. Total Run Time: 55 minutes.

The history of Mars science is a story full of false starts and good ideas gone wrong. Through it all, scientists have persevered in the effort to separate fact from fiction. Join the adventure, answer questions about life on Mars and explore the mysterious past and fascinating future of the Red Planet. Total Run Time: 162 minutes.

See giant stars up close, learn what they are made of, how they behave, and how they interact with each other. You will see how the most massive stars end their lives in spectacular and violent fashion. Hear what the experts have to say about neutron stars, pulsars and black holes. Learn how past generations of stars have shaped the Earth and its inhabitants, and how supernovas can tell us about the age and future of the universe. Total Run Time: 55 minutes.

Join the adventure as the Mars Exploration Rovers explore the Red Planet. What the Rovers found, the obstacles they overcame and why it matters so deeply. Starry Night goes to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Cornell University to detail the launch, flight, and landing of the Mars Exploration Rovers and looks at Mars missions of the past -- the successes and the failures -- and the robotics we sent there. Total Run Time: 98 minutes.
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