• Starry Night Complete Space & Astronomy Pack 7
  • Starry Night Complete Space & Astronomy Pack 7

Starry Night Complete Space & Astronomy Pack 7

Your Guide to the Night Sky, The Solar System, and Beyond

Starry Night® Complete Space & Astronomy Pack

Introducing your entire family to the wonders of the night sky has never been easier... or more fun! All it takes is a click of the mouse – and you can watch a sunset from the surface of Mars. Learn which stars and planets are in the sky tonight or any night between 4713 BC and 3000 AD from anywhere on Earth. Everything you need to get started – planetarium and space exploration software, and a built-in illustrated astronomy book ebook – is here!


• View the sky from anywhere on Earth from 4713 BC to 3000 AD.

• Explore over 1 million stars and 13,000 deep-sky objects.

Today’s Sky feature highlights major celestial events.

New simple, fast & streamlined user-optimized interface, including a new “Universal Search” for objects, Starry Night files, SkyGuide references, options, events, and more.

Updated Messier catalog with new high resolution images for star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies.

New highly detailed surface textures of planets and major moons.

 New Photorealistic Horizons.
• Deepen your explorations and understanding of the universe with over 50 interactive multimedia SkyGuide tours.
 Export Images and Movies.
• Print star charts.


• 1 DVD-ROM of Starry Night software for Windows and Macintosh
• Starry Night Companion, a 192-page built-in illustrated astronomy book (PDF) 
New, comprehensive 150-page built-in User’s Guide (PDF)

To run Starry Night® Complete Space & Astronomy Pack you need:

Windows® 7 or higher / Macintosh® OS X 10.7 or higher. 1GHz or higher processor, 1 GB RAM and 5 GB of hard disk space. 128 MB OpenGL 1.4 capable graphics card.

Note: In rare instances, upgrades to Windows 10 on computers with previous Windows operating systems may result in an incompatible graphics card. For more information, read here.

$49.95 USD