• Upgrade to Pro 8
  • Upgrade to Pro 8
  • Upgrade to Pro 8
  • Upgrade to Pro 8
  • Upgrade to Pro 8
  • Upgrade to Pro 8
  • Upgrade to Pro 8
  • Upgrade to Pro 8
  • Upgrade to Pro 8
  • Upgrade to Pro 8
  • Upgrade to Pro 8
  • Upgrade to Pro 8
  • Upgrade to Pro 8
  • Upgrade to Pro 8
  • Upgrade to Pro 8
  • Upgrade to Pro 8
  • Upgrade to Pro 8

Upgrade to Pro 8

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Designed for the modern amateur astronomer

Starry Night Pro 8 has been retooled from the inside out to best meet the needs of the modern amateur astronomer!  With a stunning new object database, incredible integration to cloud services, and tons of new, intelligent features, Starry Night 8 sets you up for observing success like never before!

  • Starry Night macOS now natively compatible with Celestron wireless WiFi mounts!

Find everything you've been looking for

At the heart of Version 8 is a new Deep Sky Database of extended objects that makes the Starry Night experience better than ever! 

  • Incredible rendering & precise positioning of over 36,000 targets
  • Carefully crafted by compiling the absolute best object data available
  • The most accurate sizes & shapes of objects ever in Starry Night
  • Advanced database created from 12 cross-referenced catalogs
  • Huge upgrade replaces a majority of previous Starry Night catalog
  • TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) and Mars InSight 3D models
  • Hundreds of new in-depth descriptions for the brightest stars in the sky
  • New and updated mission paths for your favorite space missions
  • 3D models of eight beautiful and accurately rendered binary stars

    Observers come first

    Get ready for the most seamless astronomy setup you've ever experienced!  Filled with new features to make observing as fun and efficient as possible, Starry Night Pro 8 will meet the needs of most advanced observers and help amateurs & enthusiasts take their astronomy game to the next level!

    • Enjoy an updated, best-in-class telescope control experience
    • Open Astronomy Log standard makes data much more accessible
    • Easily create multiple Observing Sites using maps & location services
    • Audio Tours provide engaging, in-depth narration for many subjects
    • Audio Descriptions add hours of commentary for interesting objects
    • An elegant new dark theme is easier on the observer's eyes
    • Redesigned SkyGuide now matches new dark theme interface
    • Sky Calendar Includes a comprehensive list of significant yearly & daily sky events
    • 3 brand new, breathtaking Earth Horizon Panoramas options added   

    Put astronomy on autopilot

    Integral to Starry Night Pro 8 is the LiveSky Cloud. In addition to being stored on your computer, all of your observing data is optionally backed up, free of charge, to our private cloud servers.  The  LiveSky.com Cloud isn’t just about backup, however -- it opens up a universe of possibilities for extending, sharing & analyzing your observing data!

    • Sync, share and export your data to other services with ease
    • Data & assets entered at LiveSky.com sync to Starry Night Pro 8
    • Preparing sessions & recording observations is easier than ever
    • Sync to any LiveSky-enabled astro app including SkySafari 6

      • Registration details and download links to Starry Night Pro for Windows & macOS
      • Starry Night Companion, a 192-page illustrated astronomy book PDF (embedded within the program)
      • New, comprehensive 146-page User's Guide PDF (embedded within the program)
      • All the incredible features from version 7!  See complete feature list:  Feature Chart


      Windows 10 or higher / macOS 10.12 or higher 1GHz or higher processor, 1 GB RAM and 12 GB of hard disk space. 128 MB OpenGL 1.4 capable graphics card.

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      Due to the nature of this downloaded application, we cannot accept returns and we are unable to provide refunds. Please read and understand the features and system compatibility before purchasing.

      $69.95 USD $149.95