• Starry Night 4 DVD Gift Set
  • Starry Night 4 DVD Gift Set
  • Starry Night 4 DVD Gift Set
  • Starry Night 4 DVD Gift Set

Starry Night 4 DVD Gift Set

Four dramas of the universe brought to you with heart-pounding realism. Over four-and-a-half hours of killer comets, ominous asteroids, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, auroras, supernovas, black holes, colliding stars and the plucky Mars Exploration Rovers still on the go. This phenomenal gift set includes: Comet Hunters / Asteroid Seekers ; Danger! Solar Storm ; Searching for SuperStars ; and Wheels on Mars .

Total Run Time: 285 minutes

DVD 1: Comet Hunters / Asteroid Seekers
Prepare for impact. Join the watch for killer comets and ominous asteroids. Spend the night on Kitt Peak with the SPACEWATCH Project stalking the flying mega-mountains that could destroy us ... or save us. Total Run Time: 77 minutes

DVD 2: Danger! Solar Storm
Is Earth’s technology safe from the Sun’s fiery flare-ups? Go deep inside NOAA's Space Environment Center - the first place on Earth to feel the Sun's wrath. Total Run Time: 55 minutes

DVD 3: Searching for SuperStars
Private and pro astronomers bag the biggest blasts the universe has to offer. Visit Tenagra Observatories and meet 11 world-renown astrophysicists and a private astronomer on a quest for the precise age of the Universe. Total Run Time: 55 minutes

DVD 4: Wheels on Mars
Close encounters with the Rovers and the scientists who sent them. Top experts from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and Cornell University share what the Rovers found and why it matters so deeply. A companion to the award-winning Eyes on Mars DVD. Total Run Time: 98 minutes


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* Widescreen Format
* Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and Stereo

Requires home DVD player and TV, or computer with DVD player.
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