Layered Earth Physical Geography - Student Edition

Please note that the student edition requires purchase of the Instructor's Edition.

The Layered Earth Physical Geography provides a student-focused, rich multi-media environment that includes lessons, interactive computer simulations, innovative exercises, numerous extensions and connections, and assessment activities. Engaging visualizations and rich pedagogy appeal to a wide variety of students and teaching styles.  

Five Important Advantages of Layered Earth Physical Geography

  1. No need to update software. You are always using the latest version every time you login.
  2. Easier installation and maintenance.
  3. Works over the internet with a modern web browser.
  4. Accessible on most devices, including Desktop Computers, iPads, Chromebooks, and Tablets.
  5. Eliminates the need for your IT department to maintain the software.
What Makes Layered Earth Physical Geography Great!

  • 50+ lessons correlated to your textbook and curriculum
  • Clear articulation of learner expectations for each lesson through the use of an introductory Guiding Question, bulleted Key Concepts, and a Lesson Summary highlighting the main points of review
  • An attractive learning environment with clear and easy to follow progression of concepts
  • Accurate and innovative visualizations and simulations that engage students and illustrate and enhance basic concepts
  • In-depth discovery exercises that foster observation, measurement, mathematical and analytical thinking skills
  • Pre- and post-assessment activities to test student knowledge and learning and reinforce basic concepts
  • Incorporates learner strategies from current educational research such as anticipation guides, multiple intelligences and graphic organizers
  • Numerous links and extensions for a rich learning environment that provide connections to mathematics, literacy, history, travel, and STSE (Science, Technology, Society and the Environment)
  • Teachable Moments feature keeps content fresh and relevant by providing educators with auto updates of new lessons, exercises, simulations, and phenomena!
    Topics Covered
    • Maps, Remote Sensing and GIS
    • Earth's Energy Balance
    • The Atmosphere, Weather and Climate Systems
    • Tectonic Processes and Landforms
    • Volcanism and Landforms
    • Weathering and Mass Movements
    • Groundwater Landscapes
    • Fluvial, Eolian, Glacial and Coastal Processes
    • Biomes, Plant Geography and Soils


    Layered Earth Physical Geography operates for one year.

      $29.95 USD