SkyBT BlueTooth Telescope Controller

SkyBT® is our NEW solution for wireless telescope control for use with SkySafari on Android devices!  Smaller than a business card, it easily attaches to RS232 serial ports via a DB9 male connector. The device is completely Plug & Play.  After pairing your Android device with SkyBT and tapping Connect in SkySafari, we automatically configure SkyBT with the proper settings for talking to your telescope mount.

SkyBT runs off of two AAA batteries - alkaline or rechargeable - (not included) and has a built-in recharging circuit. You can expect to get 8-10 hours of scope control out of a set of fresh batteries. If you have an external power adapter, plug it into SkyBT’s DC input jack. The input DC power requirements are 5 Volts @ 300ma or greater. SkyBT’s DC input jack accepts a standard center-positive plug of size 4.0mm OD x 1.7mm ID. NOTE: Use only NiMH rechargeable batteries when externally powering the adapter. Applying power with alkaline batteries installed causes battery acid to leak and destroys the adapter.

SkyBT is a Class 1 Bluetooth device with a typical range of around 100 meters, far more than cheaper bluetooth adapters.

Note: Apple's iOS device users should opt for our SkyFi III®  for purposes of telescope control as SkyBT®  is intended for Android only.  SkyFi III is also compatible with Android.

SkyBT does NOT support USB only telescopes: Meade LS series, iOptron GOTONova 8401 and 8402 controllers, the Generation III ServoCAT, and the very latest Sidereal Technology USB controllers.
The baseline requirement for Celestron support in SkySafari 4/5 is Celestron firmware version 4.0 or higher, which is basically everything sold since 2008. This excludes the older Nexstar GT series, the original Celestron Nexstar series and the Celestron Ultima 2000. Note, the GT hand controllers can possibly be replaced with newer versions that will then work with SkySafari 4/5. Consult a Celestron dealer for more information.

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$79.95 USD