• Beyond Labz Physics Virtual Lab (Professor's Edition)
  • Beyond Labz Physics Virtual Lab (Professor's Edition)
  • Beyond Labz Physics Virtual Lab (Professor's Edition)

Beyond Labz Physics Virtual Lab (Professor's Edition)

Virtual Labs, Real Science - The most realistic virtual lab experience available.

Built using a Science SDK developed through 20 years of research, Beyond Labz creates open-ended virtual lab Experiences that provide students with opportunities to experiment, practice, fail, discover and learn without the limitations, expense and safety constraints of an actual laboratory.

All Beyond Labz Virtual labs, including Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, and Biology, simplify and reduce the cost and expertise needed to provide crucial laboratory experience and practice for Secondary and Higher Education students. As a result, Beyond Labz students have access to level appropriate virtual experiments, equipment and experiences only available in a small percentage of educational environments.


  • Learn science by doing science
  • Online instruction is problematic for the sciences because of the need for viable and effective laboratory experiences. Beyond Labz provides the only high fidelity and realistic virtual lab experience.
  • Over 200+ laboratory activities are available for General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, and Biology.
  • The labs are driven by the most accurate and sophisticated simulation algorithms.
  • Truly open-ended learning environment.
  • Replaces costly lab equipment and supplies.
  • Creates a safe environment where students can gain experience without the hazards of a real lab.
  • Augments lab work, allowing students to better understand an experiment before going into the lab.
  • Allows students to have access to experiments they previously couldn’t perform due to cost and availability.
  • Separate Secondary and Higher Education or AP Lab Activities for level appropriate study.
  • Great for institutions that offer Online and Distance learning.
  • No need for a constant internet connection, after the download, labs work offline.
  • Join the Beyond Labz Community with access to comprehensive onboarding support, Secondary and Higher education best practices, and webinars. With a place to leave your feedback and ideas.

Topics Covered

  • Kinematics
  • Forces
  • Circular Motion
  • Momentum and Energy
  • Optics and Waves
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Thermodynamics
  • Density and Buoyancy

    Beyond Labz System Requirements:
    MacOSMacOS Yosemite min., 4GB Ram, 3GB Free disk space
    Windows:Windows 8.0 min., 4GB Ram, 3GB Free disk space

    • Installing Beyond Labz requires that you have administrator privileges for your workstation.
    • Activating a Beyond Labz license requires an initial internet connection.

    Due to the nature of this downloaded application, we cannot accept returns and we are unable to provide refunds. Please read and understand the features and system compatibility before purchasing.
    $199.95 USD $299.95